Take Heart

When the world imparts like some grand game

And, it seems like things will always be the same

Take Heart

When the powers that be

Exploit the power they have

It seems really hopeless

This world makes you sad

Take heart

 The Power of Love is not up to these

Though that’s not something they want you to see

Take Heart

 But still it is

They’re just out of touch

Don’t let them sell you

They’re not offering much

Take heart

 The true power’s up to you and to me

The power that brings eternity

Take Heart

 We have the numbers

We can bring change

We’re better together

We can have it today

Take Heart

 Let love be our mission

That’s how it’s done

Living it out

The fight will be won

Take heart

Sometimes, I find myself troubled by the actions, or non-actions, of others. You can read more about my personal experience of this in my last post, Bitterness: There’s a Better Way.

However, my feelings on this subject don’t stop just at a personal level. We see lots of self-focused behavior in our world today. No matter your leanings in any particular area, if you are an everyday person, I’m sure you’ve witnessed this too.

Perhaps, like me, you get discouraged. I look around our world today with great sadness. Exclusion seems to have won. Not true. I urge you take heart. It can seem like darker forces will last forever but I’m here to tell you the greatest truth of Love.

What does or doesn’t happen is up to you.

I don’t say this as some kind of empty platitude. I know many people whitewash the truth in this way. I’m not one of them. The work of love is not easy work but it is participatory. Further, the few at the top will always be the few. There couldn’t be a top any other way. We always have numbers on our side. That’s what makes their type of power so precarious. Together we can always do better with love.

All it takes is you, then another, and another. That’s the beauty of Love.

As I noted in my post, Inclusive: Another Word for Love, “Many small steps can take you around the world if you put them together but it’s still just one step at a time.”

four hands doing love signs
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So, as you begin your day, your week, or you simply begin to move forward from wherever you find yourself right now, I ask you to ponder some questions with me and, one step at a time, move them into action.

1. What’s one way you can incorporate the power of love into your life? How can you be more loving to yourself and others around you?

2. What’s one way you can reach out to another person building on the collective power of love? Call it a love coalition. Don’t worry about having the most immediate or complete answer because the next person might. Maybe you’ll come up with an answer together. That’s why it works this way. Awesome!

Wherever you are, please join me as we begin this part of our journey together and remember, in the realm of justice and love, “Love accepts you, no exceptions.”

Peace Love and Acceptance



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