Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Our Mother



Like our hearts as we watch you burn

Your roof

Your grand spire

Like kindling

The flames apparent victorious as we pray

To you

For you

Restore our faith

Give us hope as we search forward together

Sifting beyond our pain

May this be our answer

To find a better more mutual way

That our fall

Like your fall

Only temporary abate as we rebuild



Loving again as words into action

Notre Dame

Our Mother

Pray for us as we pray for you

white concrete building
Photo by Adrienn on


Yesterday, the world watched anguished as Notre Dame Cathedral burned. So much history, so much beauty, literally gone up in smoke.

Like many things in our world, the pain seems too much to bear. This seems especially cruel when happening to a grand masterpiece. Art is our sustainer. It gives a vision for better days.

There is order to our lives. We expect things to come and go, sure, just not like this. Hundreds of years of splendor gone before our eyes. It is out of order.

Even amidst our pain, of course, there is a small measure of good news. I read that several statues were removed just days ago as the cathedral was under restoration for example. Even now, that news offers some solace.

However, there is greater comfort for me, even as I struggle, and I hope for you too. It’s something you’ll read about regularly in this space as it is my heart-song. That is, love is bigger. Collective love even greater than the sum of its parts.

Love is always working to redeem the world’s brokenness. Even as flames ravaged seemingly victorious love worked quietly in their shadows. Except, love is never really quiet.

Love only grows. Unlike those destroying flames, love can never really be contained.

So, it is for us too when we join forces with love. May this be our chance.

May our love, yours and mine, move us from the shadows of dark days and destroying flames into boundless love. May we be unifying, love bringers together into our out of order world.

When everything else is gone, and all our days are done, love remains. (1 Corinthians 13)

Wherever you are, please join me as we begin this part of our journey together and remember, in the realm of justice and love, “Love accepts you, no exceptions.”

May this be our hope and prayer today.

Peace Love and Acceptance





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