Easter glory

Easter glory

Morning Sun

Come out and show the way

To where he is

My Rabbi Savior

They’ve taken him away

But, death no more has hold on him

I hear I’m free now too

Come out he did

Now, so can I

He Lives

And, so can you.

kintsugi bowl

I’m posting my Monday blog early this week because of Easter. I’ll see you Thursday for my next post. Thanks for reading!

Have you ever thought about the power of redemption?

Do you ever struggle with things seemingly beyond your control?

I have. We all do, right? Whatever it is, we struggle. Food, life, health, love, loss… The list seems endless. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, you’re not alone. Press on.

Because, as I’ve been thinking about my struggles lately, I’ve also been pondering how the redemptive work of love can help. Whether you believe theologically as I do or not, maybe it can help you too, since I believe our shared love works the same way for all of us. So, please feel free to use whatever language you’re comfortable with as you consider my words.

Anyway, I’ve been struggling. As you can read in my last post, Love Wins Even if You’re Struggling, I often struggle with, among other things, the physical difficulties of my disability. I also believe love is bigger than whatever we face but that doesn’t always make it easier. As I often say, “It’s awfully difficult to see God when you can’t get up off the floor.”

Maybe this is one of those “On the floor” times for you. I’m sure you can relate even if you’re not there now. Struggle is pretty universal even if we all struggle in different ways. So, wherever you are struggling today, you’re not alone.

Still, or again, Love is bigger. (This is a reminder for me as much as anyone!)

Further, I find, redemption is not as much about salvation from punishment, especially in some future sense, as it is about the restoration of ourselves and our world. That’s why I love the art of kintsugi. It restores brokenness with gold and returns the object to wholeness. That’s what the power of love does for us.

Love is the gold of our kintsugi and our source of love, which I call God, is our great Kintsugi Master.

For me, as a Christian, that’s the significance of Easter. I am restored to new life.

There will still be broken times. I just don’t have to get stuck there. Kintsugi makes a piece better than brand new. So, it is with us and love, even in our all too broken world.

How can you practice restorative love today?

Wherever you are, please join me in reflection as we share this part of our journey together and remember, in the realm of justice and love,

“Love accepts you, no exceptions.”

Peace Love and Acceptance

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