Crip Pastor is word play on the term “cripple” used as a means of empowerment for all people regardless of the bodies in which we live. It is claiming the power of love’s restoration away from the world’s pejorative exclusion.

Rather than being seen as flawed or imperfect, our individual and collective perfection comes through the restoration of brokenness. The break itself is not something to hide, but is something to revere as part of our history. In a sense, it is the art of being perfectly imperfect.

In much the same way, this blog is a place where I will talk about faith, love, disability, restoration, and often the intersection of these things. No matter what you choose to believe, I hope you will find this a place of connection, inclusion, restoration, and love.

Beyond that, I am an ordained minister with cerebral palsy living in the Western New York area, a husband, father, friend, writer, poet, actor, activist, musician and much more.

I am glad you’re here. Please join me as we begin this part of our journey together and remember, in the realm of justice and love, “Love accepts you, no exceptions.”

Thanks for stopping and sharing in the journey!